Strong Hearts

Hello there!

I’m sorry that it has been so long since I have posted anything. My life has been so uneventful and haven’t really had anything worth posting about. There have been times where I have so much to say that I couldn’t possibly get everything out and then the opposite, where I have nothing to say at all. I have started a bunch of posts but for one reason or another I deleted them because in my mind they just weren’t good enough.

Another reason is that I have been so anxious lately. It has been pretty rough, I have been so stressed and I couldn’t even tell you all of the reasons because half of them are dumb situations that I make up in my head. I really think I have a problem. I really can’t even help it. I am constantly over thinking everything and thinking of worst case scenarios.

I have been trying my best to be productive, (with blogging and school and just things in life, too) but procrastination and Netflix has gotten the best of me.

I finished Gilmore Girls today, so I have no excuses to not be productive anymore!

Other than that, my life has been pretty uneventful.


Today, my friend and I went to Strong Hearts Café.

I thought that it was a really cute place. I have never been there before but I guess  they specialize in milkshakes an are famous for them, I guess, so I got a milkshake. They had food there too but I wasn’t too hungry, so I just got a shake.  Strong Hearts is 100% vegan which I thought was pretty interesting because I have never been to a vegan restaurant befo20150304_135548re..

I have never really even thought about eating vegan, to be honest, but to be honest, it was pretty good. It better be good since I paid $5.50 for that glass.

I got the Muhammad Ali Shake, which was chocolate and espresso. It was really tasty but I could taste the soy in the background. Well, I think it was soy milk that they used instead of regular milk but I don’t know. They didn’t say.

I loved their menu, it was so precious. There must have been over 20 different shakes and each kind was named after an inspirational person,  (or people who inspired the owners). Hence the reason why my shake was called Muhammad Ali. Haha, so I guess I could say that I drank Muhammad Ali.

My friend got a “chicken” salad with her shake. And yes, there literally were quotes around the word chicken on the menu. Her “chicken” was like a brownish color and didn’t really look like chicken  but she ate it and was pleased with it so that’s all that matters .

The idea of dressing up soy and tofu and whatever else to look like meat doesn’t seem appetizing to me. Plus, I have never like tofu to begin with, and animal products are so delicious to me.

I really enjoyed my milkshake though!

Tell me about the cute cafes around where you live! I am all about those kind of cute places!


I am really sorry if you’re vegan, that’s awesome and something that I will never be cut out for, but this is just my opinion.





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