I did it!

This is basically just a little update post for you guys!

First, if you read my last post. You’d know about how my road test was yesterday and how nervous I was.


I still can’t believe it though, I was mentally prepared to fail, just in case. and for a minute there I thought I did. I got extra nervous when the girl in front of my failed, or at least I thought she did because she looked super disappointed and got out of the driver seat and into the back seat.

The man didn’t show any emotion to indicate whether I was doing okay or not. I had to parallel park twice and I forgot to signal once when I was pulling over but other than that, passed. When I was doing the three point turn, I hit the snow bank when I was backing up a little, but I don’t think he took off points for that since the snow was so high and was encroaching into the road.  Probably happened all day with people.  I did all of the actual driving and turning and stopping great though.  It is such a good feeling to finally have my license.



Also, another thing that I wanted to say is that yesterday was my blog birthday!  So my blog is officially one year old now! I wanted to do a fun post about it yesterday but I had so much going on and didn’t have a chance to make a whole post about it.



Plus, by the time I got home I was super tired and just wanted to watch The Bachelor Finale. (and I was so happy that Chris picked Whitney, she was always my favorite and that are perfect together!)


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