Song of the Week

I decided today that I want to do a Song of the Week every week from now on.  I think that it will be really fun to share songs that I really like at the moment. And hopefully you guys will get to listen to new music through this and enjoy new songs.

Basically I’ll post whatever song that I am loving or is describing my current state!

Cool! So, for the first SOTW it is going to be…

Beautiful by the George Twins!

My friend showed me this video this morning because it is her current obsession and I can see why because not only is this song adorable and uplifting but they can actually sing really well.

I love the meaning behind the song and it made me so happy. I also love how they included photos of their fans in the music videos, it was so precious and I thought it made it more authentic and real life, like they are really affecting actual people in a positive way.

I think that every girl everyone needs to listen to this song at some point. 🙂

Like this post if you want more SOTW posts or if you enjoyed this song! 😀


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