Behind Tori Story


On Monday, I turned one!

I have gone through a wonderful journey and learned so much about blogging during that time. Some of you may remember, but I haven’t always been tori story, but I thought that I needed a change. It took me a little while to think of it but once I did think of tori story, I really liked it and decided to go with it.

I liked it because I thought that it had a cute ring to it and, you know, because it kind of rhymed, sort of a little bit. Plus, since this blog is basically for me and for writing my thoughts and telling my own little “stories” about life and experiences and such.

Also, another fin thing about the name is that my friend kinda sort of thought of it a wayyy long time ago, like middle school, long time ago. (or maybe her brother, I don’t remember) Well, anyways, back then I liked to tell stories, or rather exaggerate stories about things and at some point they called me Tori story. And so there’s that too, which may have influenced the decision too.


This lovely prompt was from The Circle Link up, feel free to click the image above to Kiki’s blog to participate, it’s super fun!


4 thoughts on “Behind Tori Story

  1. I love that your blog name has meaning all the way from middle school! I’ve always loved how our blogs are a part of us, and hearing and reading everyone’s stories (yours included!) has only further cemented that truth! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Your blog name is super cute! And I love that it comes from childhood too – I actually started blogging in 9th grade, but would be totally embarrassed to share my blog names from back then. πŸ˜›

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