B is for Baseball



Hello there!

Today has been such a Beautiful day! Today has been the first day to break 60 degrees since Thanksgiving, that’s wayy too long for my liking. It has been beautiful all day and I have been loving it so much.  I woke up this morning and went to the gym, and I actually wore shorts there, it was great!  After that I went home and showered and got ready for the day and then my friend and I had a friend date at Moe’s for lunch! Now I am at school and actually getting pretty tired. I am just sitting here between my classes typing away like a good blogger! 😀

Ahhh I just love the Spring time so much, and all of the snow is starting to melt away!


So, anyways, the letter of the day is B as you could already tell from the title and I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about baseball. I feel like it is a pretty random topic that I don’t normally talk about but for good and bad it is in my life and I thought I would share that with you guys.

I mentioned it a tiny tiny bit in the summer, but I am a baseball sister. Some of you may know what I mean. My brother plays baseball, and when I say he plays baseball I mean, he plays baseball. He is turning fifteen next month but he has been playing this sport pretty much since he was like three. He is normally on so many teams that I can’t even keep track of them all. Right about now is perfect timing to write about this post because it is right before all of this madness begins.

There is literally a practice or a game every single day during baseball season, everything my family does or wants to do is dictated by the baseball schedule and when and where baseball takes place. It is such a huge priority for my parents because of the time and money that they put into it but at the end of the day they all just really really love the sport.

My brother is also on a travel team that actually travels and goes all over the North East and to different states. Which is really cool for him but I usually end up staying home and getting the house to myself for the weekend. Or sometimes I do end up going, but only when a fun place is connected to it, like last summer when he had a tournament in Delaware but we also ended up visiting the Beach and Washington DC and the Meeting the Pandas!

Baseball and sports were never really my thing, I have never been interested in them and I haven’t been very good at them at all, but for my brother I go to his games when I can because I know how important it is to support him.

Although my brother is a pain and is rarely ever nice to me because he is a teenager now and he thinks that he knows everything in the world and is selfish and just in that stupid dumb phase that we all were in, I really do think that he is really talented and could actually end up playing for actual baseball team when he gets older. I know he has that potential.


2 thoughts on “B is for Baseball

  1. Really good post, Tori.

    I’ve always wanted to learn more about baseball but here in the UK we prefer our football, cricket and rugby. I’d love to watch a baseball game one day if I ever make it across the pond to the U.S.

    Wishing you all the best with the remainder of the challenge 🙂

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