C is for…


Hiii guys!

Continuing on with the A to Z challenge is the letter C.

So first I have to do this:

Casually create catastrophes, causalities, canceling cats got the canopies collapsing!

If you know where  those random words com from then give yourself a high 5! Those are the C’s from the song alphabet aerobics. I made a post about the song in the fall and I talked about how I have made it a goal to memorize the entire song. That has yet to happen, but I do know a lot of it and am now able to impress my friends with it. I so far I have memorized up to the M’s. I know some of the rest of the alphabet too, but now perfectly. I wanted to share the C’s with you because A) I thought it would be fitting and B) the C’s are one of my favorite parts in the song!

So at the beginning of the week, when I was kinda sorta planning out my posts and formulating ideas, I planned on talking about college for the C day. But that’s the thing about planing posts, once it comes time to write them, half of the time I’m not really even feeling it anymore.

If you just got disappointed and wanted to hear about college just now, have no fear! Luckily I have plenty of other posts about college, since yanno, I’m a college student! Just click this cute little linky and it will bring you to college stuff!


I’m going to take the lazy way out and just talk about Coffee, because there is some sitting right in front of my and I realized Coffee is a C word.

AKA. The best drink ever created. Whoever thought of taking coffee beans out of  the earth and grounding it up and then pouring water through it and drinking whatever came out was wonderful. Haha, it actually sounds quite weird when I explain it that way but yes, coffee is a good friend.

Since I just so weirdly and random described coffee and its origin, I randomly got interested in it and learned the actual origin. I just did a simple google search and found the International Coffee Organization’s website and it has the actual story of coffee which I actually read. Check that out here! You just might appreciate the drink a little bit more.


On a regular day I just have coffee at home in the mornings to wake me up and to turn me back into a human after a long night of sleeping. I make it from my kurig with a little bit of vanilla creamer and I’m good to go!

However, today there weren’t anymore kcups, so I went to Dunkin Donuts, I normally prefer Tim Horton’s coffee, but I really wanted the cookie dough iced coffee, so that’s what I get. Pro tip: if you ever get a fun flavor like “cookie dough” then order it black because otherwise it will be gritty and nasty and way too sweet.

Okay, Well that’s it for the C’s for today! Hope you all have a great rest of your day and I will be back tomorrow for D! Let me know below what your favorite way to drink coffee is!



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