E is for My Favorite Animal!



I love them so much and they will always hold a special place in my heart. I love how unique they are, I can’t think of another animal like them that is currently living. They are matriarch animals which mean the female runs the herd.  And more than anything they never forget the past and they mourn their loved ones. Elephants will forever remind me of my grandpa, who I will hopefully talk more about in a later letter.

Word on the street where I live is that a baby elephant is going to be born at the zoo that is near where I live and I am so excited to go and visit. They are such graceful and beautiful creatures.

On another note, a long time ago I found this song, called The Elephant Song, it is so cute and about this little girl and a man who doesn’t know anything about animals. Give it a watch, it is super cute.

Hope you liked todays post and are still enjoying the A-Z challenge! I’ll be back tomorrow with F!


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