F is for Friends Who Do Stuff Together

fI have some of the most wonderful friends in the entire world. I would consider myself quite the lucky girl!

I have never really been one of those people who have had a lot of friends, but rather I have a hand full of really close friends who will always be there.

But here’s the thing, now that we are all in that place in life where we are starting to become adults and do things for ourselves it is harder and harder to get together as much as we used to. It makes me so sad because I miss them but we are all out in the world so that is pretty cool.

Everyone just needs to remember:

The best friends are like stars, even though you don’t see them all the time they till always be there.

We have made some of the best memories and I’m sure that we will make more in the future too. I  like to imagine us all having kids together and having them grow up together and have them be best friends too. Is that weird? I don’t know but I think that that would be really cute. It would be like an extra extended family or something like that.

I would like to think that I will always be there for my friends and that I am always there for them to vent to or talk to about anything. I love listening to them compared to my “boring” life. I hope they know that.

And I hope you guys know that too. If you have ever commented or liked my blog or even just read it occasionally I consider you guys my friends too, hope that’s okay. Since blogging has became a part of my life I may or may not have referred to you guys as my friends when I talk to my friends in real life, just because it is easier that way. 😉 So if you guys ever want to talk about anything, I’m your girl!


2 thoughts on “F is for Friends Who Do Stuff Together

  1. My “bestie” and I have been friends for 27 years, we have two sons who are born close together, our first sons are 5 months apart and our last sons are 3 months apart, for Easter we all went camping and had a great time, lots of laughs lots of photos, we are closer than family.

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