I is for Internships


Okay guys here I am doing the I post now! I attempted it in my last post but got carried away talking about other stuff that is just as important. If you haven’t read it yet, go read it right now because I would love your advise/help.

I is for Internships.

Internships are important because it will give you real life work experience doing something that is hopefully “right up your ally” plus, if everything goes well you might even get your foot in the door. There are so many amazing wonderful things about doing an internship but the actual act of doing it makes me really nervous!

How do I know what the right fit for me is?

One of the biggest things that I am worried about is reading the description and not knowing exactly what is required from me and what being there is going to be like. What if I’m not qualified or I don’t know what I’m doing at all in the real world or what If I ruin their whole company? ~~That’s pretty much my anxiety talking, and I can’t seem to shut it up!

During my “research spree” that I was talking about in my last post I also was looking into internships. First I went through the CAL (Career and Applied Learning) Center’s website where it brought me to this website called purple briefcase. Maybe some of you have heard of it?

I put in all of my information and started looking for internships (you can do tons of other stuff on there like resume building and interview practice)   I typed in my location and selected my felid of knowledge and that’s where the hard part started to happen.

The first felid I selected was Information Technology: Blank.

Next I selected Webmaster: Blank.

Next I selected Database Management: Blank.

Next up I clicked on Graphic design internships and finally there were like four of them! I clicked on the ones that seemed relevant but the descriptions seemed off to me, maybe because I’m not a graphic designer although I do enjoy designing and know my way around photoshop and such. Or maybe because they were looking for people that already had a ton of work experience. Either way those ones didn’t work out so I went back to the categories.

Next I clicked on programming and there was a bunch of them there. But I found one that was for a front end web developer. Yes! You have to have experience with HTML and CSS check and check!

I didn’t apply or do anything about it yet because apparently you have to go through the CAL center on campus, so that’s cool, I’ll probably consider doing that next week.

I feel like I went through so much trouble just to find that one little internship. It iso hard to find a good fit in my opinion, especially one in your area. Finding one is a lot harder than I thought.

After that I went to google did a simple search and I found internships.com which is a chegg site, yanno that awesome place where you go to get your textbooks for way cheaper.

I did the same thing that I did in the other place, but this time I discovered a new  thing that I haven’t heard of before.

Virtual Internships.

What? What’s what?

I took this screenshot from google/Wikipedia to help us out! (hopefully that’s an only thing to do, I hope so!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 12.27.32 PM

I ended up finding so many opportunities, it was like a whole new world opened up. I feel like this is sort of a new thing since technology is growing so rapidly but it seems to benefit both the intern and the company so it seems like a win win situation. I looked into it more at a bunch of other places just to be sure  and the whole thing is legitimate.

This is especially useful if you are looking for an internships that involves computers, such as IT or Journalism or Graphic Design.

I think that this is a good option for someone like me where there aren’t as many opportunities around where you live, this option has the potential to broaden your horizons with more internship options from all over the country instead of just driving distance.

I’m kind of new to this whole thing so ket me know your experiences or what you think you are going to do or pretty much anything along those lines!

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