K is for K-not Feeling it anymore

Thats it.

It’s over.

I loose.

I missed K yesterday and to be quite honest, I didn’t really mind because K was hard and I just wasn’t interested in writing about something that starts with the letter K.

I think that the whole idea of this blogging challenge was great but I also think that it is very limiting. Unlike Nablopomo, where we just made it a goal to post everyday, but not we have to post everyday with something that begins with the designated letter. Some of the letters were really super awesome posts and I ended up surprising myself and ended up being some of my favorite posts I have done, while the rest of them were just blah.

I feel like I just chose something random for the sake of writing about a post and I don’t really want to about that. I would rather post less often and write more quality things than have to force posts that I do for the sake of a challenge.

I’ll take this as a learning experience since I haven’t done it before and looks like a lot of fun but I don’t think it is worth it for me.

So I will just go on like normal…

I have another Song of the Week Post coming up soon, (probably tonight after I get home from school) and now that the weather is nicer I will possibly be doing some more DIYs and beauty things too! Who knows!

…Only not really, because I want to know what kinds of things you want to see more of in the future, because as I do write mainly for myself right now, at the end of the day it is most important for you guys to enjoy what I do too!

Let me know in the comments down below what you would like to see from me and I will do my best to fullfill your wishes! ❤


3 thoughts on “K is for K-not Feeling it anymore

  1. A to Z is always easiest when we have a theme. I’ve always written, scheduled, and edited my posts in advance, so they’re all ready to go, and plan for the next year’s theme a year ahead as well. I hope you have better luck if you try the Challenge again next year.

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