Song of the Week #4

Is that right? We have done four if these already? That’s pretty cool! I quite like doing these posts for you guys, I hope that you like them too!

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I have been wanting to do an Owl City song for a little while now because even though it isn’t the number one thing that I really listen to anymore, Adam Young and his music and lyrics will always have a place in my heart. Don’t get me wrong or anything at all, I still really love Owl City just the newer songs aren’t my favorite, I think its because of the lacking of those amazing deep metaphors in the lyrics. I don’t know.

I think Adam is amazing and talented though and I don’t think enough people know about him and his work. Especially considering that he made all of the music in his parents basement on a keyboard and computers and such, at least in the beginning!

It is so hard to pick just one song! All of it is so good, especially The All Things Bright and Beautiful album and earlier.

Okay, I picked Cave In to share with you because I love the metaphors, you might even have to listen to it a few times to get the full meaning!

If you liked this song, go listen to all of the other songs right now!

And don’t forget to like this post for more Song of the Week posts!


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