DIY Vertical Polaroid Display!

Hi guys!

Today today I have a super easy and fun DIY to share! So last week I bought All Time Low’s new album, Future Hearts, and guys it is so GOOD, but that’s for a different time. So inside the CD, it came with super cool polaroid pictures! They are so funny and of course, I was inspired to do something about this cool surprise! So I thought of a fun way to hang them on the wall!


This DIY is super easy and most of the things can be easily found around the house!

Some of the things you will need to do something like this include:

  • Clothes pins 20150424_130514~2
  • Paint and a Paint Brush (I used silver acrylic paint)
    • Pro tip: if you don’t any paints laying around, use nail polish! It will work just fine and maybe even look even cooler!
  • Some sort of string
  • A paper towel to work on so you don’t get paint everywhere! -if you’re a super pro you don’t really need one if you don’t want
  • Tacs or tape
  • And of course, some sort of pictures, they don’t have to be polaroids, they can literally be anything you want!

Go ahead and paint the clothes pins to make them look a lot more awesome than just plain old wood. I painted them silver to give it a metallic feel because I thought that would be cool for me but you do you. Oh and then after the paint dries feel free to decorate them with a marker!


Once everything is dry you’re ready to pin them onto the wall!

20150424_150800~2I measured out approximately how much string I needed in order to fit all of the pictures on it and then I taped both sides of the string onto the wall.

Then I took a clothespin and a picture and clipped it right onto the string! Easy Peasy!

This was super easy to do and pretty fun too! I liked this because it was different from other ones that I have seen! I really think that it turned out pretty good and ended up being a nice edition to my bedroom wall.


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