Sometimes You Just Need To Go

Does it ever bother you that every day you get stuck in the same routine? That there are so many things out there to do and see but you aren’t a part of any of it, and you just want to leave and go somewhere new and exciting and feel like you’re actually living instead of just existing?

Some would call that Wanderlust.

That was pretty much me last night. I basically was just so sick of the routine and I just wanted to go out into the world and experience something new and exciting. Especially, thinking about how in just a few weeks I will be graduating and I felt like I was pretty short on grand adventures and I just wanted so badly to have one. I just wanted to go, leave and discover something new and be spontaneous for once.

There were just a few problems with last night’s little road trip.

1. I didn’t have a plan whatsoever. My boyfriend warned me and told me that I should at least think of something to do first. He said that it is one thing to be spontaneous, but another to have no idea in mind.  Which I later learned is absolutely true.

Which leads to the second problem…

2. There is basically nothing fun and exciting to do that is around me. So the distance kind of puts a damper on things,  especially at night because I couldn’t think of anywhere to go, all I knew is that I wanted to drive somewhere for a while.

There were a bunch of places that we talked about going but somehow we ended up wanting to drive to Sonic, which is over an hour away from where we live, but then half way there I was tired and bored of driving and just wanted to go home, so we turned around to go home. Whatta loser, I know. I literally am the worst. So a half tank of gas wasted and a few hours of driving around, we pretty much got nothing done other than Joey and I spending time together driving around.

I learned an important lesson last night though, even though I didn’t really get my adventure that I really wanted. I figured out the hard way that you have to have some sort of planning in life in order for things to work out best. Even if it is just a tiny bit. Things aren’t just going to fall right into place, no matter how much you want them to.

I feel like this is something that is especially hard for me to do, making plans for the future is especially scary because you can never know for sure what is going to happen, or if that is what I want to do.


One thought on “Sometimes You Just Need To Go

  1. That’s a really difficult thing. Sometimes you just don’t want to make plans as every day something new can happen and anything can change. However, when it comes to travel, yo should do the essentials. Everything else will just happen and will most likely make you happy 🙂

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