My Nails: Angelic


Hi Guys!

I always feel like I want to share my nails with you, but most of the time they never come out good enough for me to want to take pictures and post them, but today is the day that I share them with you!

I am in love with this color right now it is called Angelic by Revlon.

It is like a really really light pink color but there is something about it that I really love. It is almost like a natural pink, but the way it shimmers when the light catches it is so pretty!

I think that it is such a pretty color for spring and is a really subtle shade, which I have been really liking lately! Something about how it looks and feels is just really nice.

P.S. don’t mind my horrid looking baby nails and my painting outside the lines, ooops!



4 thoughts on “My Nails: Angelic

  1. There is nothing wrong with your nails! I think you’ll find baby nails are a wee bit smaller😉 follow us back?

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