Last Day of School!

Yesterday was my last day of school ever! Well, I shouldn’t say ever because who know what can happen, and if I will ever end up going back. But yeah, I took my final test yesterday. In my last post I said some crazy thing about doing a sort of “day in a life” post about it. Which is what I am about to do for you today. I didn’t really know what to expect on my last day of school ever, but it was just a regular day. It didn’t feel “final” at all or anything like that it just felt like any old regular day, which just that alone made it feel weird.

I started out the day taking pictures but then I ended up forgetting all about taking pictured for this post. I am basically the worst blogger but I was basically just living in the moment for most of the day.

So here’s my day:

20150507_093553First I started out my morning with a cup of coffee with the creamer that I don’t like because someone else in my house finished the “good” coffee creamer that morning, so I had the other kind, but it was still good enough for me to want to drink up all of my coffee! (when I’m at home I don’t add sugar to my coffee, just add come vanilla coffee mate! aka ‘the good kind’)

With coffee in hand, I headed to my desk to look over my notes for my test that was later that day. Around ten o’clock I started to get ready to leave. I wore my new kimono for the first time and I just thought I was super cute in it if I do say so myself.


So for my “OOTD”, which by the way is my first time ever doing on my blog: I wore my new kimono and just a plain white T, both of which were from Forever 21 and my shorts were from JC Penny, from back in the day, literally I got them in like high school and they are so old and not even cute anymore but I like how the bottoms are naturally worn out. In the picture my hair is still down, but I ended up putting my hair in a really cute braided bun, I actually surprised myself with it to the point where I think I might even do a hair tutorial for it because it is different and cute and perfect for warm weather!

So after that I left my house, went to pick up my friend because I drive her, realized I forget my wallet, went all the way back to my house, got gas, and then went on campus.

When I got there I had to go do this thing for graduation, apparently we had to  go to the student center to be sure that we are actually on track and have all of the credits that were needed. So I went to go do that and the lady said that I was all set and to show up in the 16th with a smiling face! 😉

Then I headed over to the book store to purchase my cap and gown! I totally had plans to document buying it and being super excited about it but I totally forgot! Instead of actually taking pictures like a good little blogger, I snapchatted a lot, instead of using my actual camera like a dummy.

–follow me on snapchat for tori ‘stories’ @toris623–

Once I got my cap and gown which was pretty exciting and expensive, my friends and I went to get lunch before our final class. I got a slice of pizza and some tea and some pasta stuff that was pretty good, and then we just pretty much just sat there and talked about how we know nothing about our future and just want to see the world.

And then it was time for my final class, I had this whole thing in my mind where I wanted to go in t here early and take a picture of the last college classroom that I would be in but when I got in there, there was already so many people in there that I didn’t want to since it would be pretty weird randomly taking pictures. Whatever. So it was basically the kind of thing where you show up, take the test hand it in and then leave and the professor says “have a good life”. And that’s exactly what happened, only I didn’t know all of the answers to the questions but that’s okay because I figured I did well enough.

Then I basically just left and the rest is history. My friend wanted a Dunking Donuts stop, we we went there so she could get a coffee and then I treated myself to a milkshake at a really awesome ice cream shoppe called Gannon’s!

To get a little bit more of a feel of what college was like, check out my campus photography posts here and here.  Also check out my ramblings about college life here!


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