Just a Little Appreciation

Hi guys!

It is kind of late, I worked until ten came home ate some leftover mac n’ cheese my mom made earlier, and now I a, currently watching Breaking Dawn, because it is one of the only things currently on TV right now. Twilight really isn’t all bad, I mean Taylor Lautner is in it, so it can’t be thaaat bad. I have literally had a crush on him since he was Sharkboy, from Sharkboy and Lavagirl aka a super dumb movie, especially looking back at it now.

Welp, there’s my embarrassing fact of the night! So there ya go!

I have had so much on my mind lately and all day I have had this little voice telling me that I’d feel much better if I blogged about it, so here I am.

It occurred to me today that it has been almost two weeks since I have heard from any of my “friends”. I know that we are all busy and we all have jobs and lives and are all going in different directions. We are are juggling a bunch of different things. I know all of those things and I know I probably sound stupid even talking about it.

I just feel so alone without having anyone to talk to or care to ask how I am doing or have someone to want to go shopping with me and just someone to talk to about anything, especially about these things.

If I didn’t blog I don’t know what I would be do. You are all so awesome, every single one of you lovely people who have ever came here or liked or commented are really super awesome. You guys are the ones that do know my thoughts and goals and even the random things that are going in my head.

It also occurred to me that those of you who are reading this post and those who have been following me for a little bit might know me just as well as my friends.

So I’d just like to share a

huge thank you

^^ (literally) to everyone for supporting me! I’d also like to let you know that in real life I refer to you as my “friends” because it is much easier that way. I hope you do the same for me too, I mean like if it ever comes up!

Alright, well that just about sums everything up that I feel like saying tonight! I hope you all have a wonderful night!

……Also Happy Looney June!


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