Army Wives

They say all good things come to an end.

I knew it was coming to an end but I am crying anyway.

The original women.

I am so upset and happy and a mixture of emotions ugh, I can’t even explain it but I just really loved this show so much.

I have been watching Army Wives for a while now on Netflix and have invested a lot of time into it, 7 seasons worth of time actually and now it is finally over and I am so sad. It really was such a good show, perhaps one of my favorites.

Man, I just love a show with some good character development and that is exactly what this show gave me. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I love watching a character learn and grow and become a different person over the seasons.

So basically, this show centers around 5 army families through mainly the point of view of the wives, although it does show the other sides too and what it is like overseas and in combat. Also, it does give the you an idea of what the kids go through too.  It basically gives you a pretty good idea of what life is like living in the army.

Before this show I didn’t know much about army life at all and I thought that the entire thing was enlightening.

I really really love all the characters. They are so lovable and relatable as they go through the trials and tribulations of life. Probably about 70% percent of the episodes I had tears streaming down my face, either because of happiness of because I just have so much empathy that I could feel their pain.

There was so much that happened, kids were born and we even watched them grow up, we also lost some really important and loving characters and made me sob. There were tragedies in war, and also at home. Dreams were achieved and hearts were broken. It was pretty much a roller coaster.

Character development yo!

I keep saying character development yet I haven’t talked about the characters. One, because I love them a lot and I don’t think I would be able to tell you anything without spoiling what happens because I don’t want to do that to you. And two, because there are so many important ones that this post would last for five years if I did that.

So as I mentioned before there were 7 seasons. I think that there should have only been 6 but I understand why there needed to be a 7th. The 7th season was shorter than the rest and basically acted like a “conclusion”. As in life, people move away and move on and do the next thing that they need to do in life and that is basically what happened, while each character went on their way, another one was introduced in their place.

I liked that they did this because it set up the future of the show, so that even though everyone ends up going their separate ways, there are still new army wives living the lifestyle at Fort Marshal.

The new wives! Denise (middle) Was the only original to stay.

As you can probably tell, I really liked this show and highly recommend this to you guys if you are in search for a new show to dive into on Netflix!

Now that this is over I need something else to watch (because I’m boring and love Netflix) so comment down below with suggestions! Especially something with some good character development hehe!


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