The time I wasn’t feeling it…

Hi guys!

So I thought I’d share a little “Tori Story”, if you will about a little thing that happened that basically makes me the worst person in the world.. or just maybe really awesome, I guess it depends on how you look at it.

So Friday nights are usually date night for my boyfriend and I. This past Friday we were planning to go to dinner at the mall and try a place we haven’t been to before. (Our mall is quite large and has so many new restaurants, it expanded and just opened a few years ago, new places are still popping up still.)

We ended up walking into Texas de Brazil. It was basically the first place we saw that we haven’t been to already. Neither of us had any clue what it was like there or what the atmosphere was like or anything. I had just always assumed that it was just a steakhouse or something.

As soon as we got in there and the hostess was doing her introduction and I knew right then that it was not where I wanted to be. Maybe another day in the future but not that day at all. I just really did not like the vibe in there at all. This restaurant was not traditional at all. We basically go up to a salad bar and then they bring out food to you. The whole time I never fully understood what was going on.

I felt completely uncomfortable this place was so expensive and felt bad that this night was about to turn into a hundred dollar dinner for no good reason. My boyfriend and I were both dressed casually and I felt so out of place.  I had that feeling in my head that it was a place we shouldn’t be.

I still can’t put my finger on it but that day I just really didn’t like the vibe. The way the food was being described to me in the beginning didn’t impress me and wasn’t something that I was about. I didn’t feel like eating that kind of food. That day.

I made it really clear to my boyfriend that I was uncomfortable and it wasn’t about this for dinner and that this may have backfired, especially after I went and got my salad. Joey is so cute because he was trying so hard to get me to be excited about it but I couldn’t. He tried to get me to be excited and adventurous about it but I couldn’t.

I’m the worst.

After the salad bar Joey could tell that there was no cheering me up so he asked for the check and we just left in the middle of dinner. I felt like  it was one of the rudest things I have ever done. I mean I was nice to the waitress and Joey was really awesome about it. I have never left a restaurant like that before.

That place just wasn’t for me that day at all. Oh and another thing that kind of set me off was how the waitress unfolded the napkins and put them on your lap for you. There was something about that that I just really hated. I don’t know if it was how she got too far into my personal space or the fact that I had just sat down and my purse was still on my lap so the napkin just slid off my purse and onto the floor.

Anyways, we ended up leaving the place and you’ll never guess where we went next!

That’s right, we went to Johnny Rockets!

Literally the exact opposite of the other place.

And guess what? We had a grand time. We had milkshakes and burgers and sat at the 50’s style bar and the workers even danced along to the music and the food was yummy and I got much happier.


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