Birthday time!

Hi guys!

Here I am being a good seed and actually blogging today. It was really hard for me to want to today. I have felt off all day long and have a massive migraine. Migraines suck. So much so that for the first time ever I am actually writing this from my phone and not my laptop. My head is pounding and it feels like my family members are being extra loud for no reason today so I mean that’s cool.

Well anyways the thing I wanted to talk about today is my birthday. Exactly one week from today I will be turning 21! I am so stoked to actually be able to go to a restaurant and order a drink. I am excited to figure out what I like even though I already kind of know. I grew up in an Italian house so I have drank wine so much at home. I like wine a lot. My grandpa actually even makes wine himself. I also know I like fruity drinks because I mean… How can you not?

Here’s the thing though. I am not a birthday person and I hate it when there is so much attention on me. I don’t see any reason for my birthday to be a huge deal. Other than another year going by it pretty much means nothing to me. It is just a reminder that I am growing older and I have so much more left to do.

The only reason why I am even a little excited is because I can legally drink now which is awesome. I have always thought this way, in fact I even wrote about this last year, too.

This is just something that has been on my mind since it is getting so close. Are you like me? Or are you the type to throw a party?


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