Happy 21st Birthday!

Hi guys!

I am the worst! Last week I come here and promise to start posting every day, do one post and then abandon you for a week. Yeah. Not cool. I am the worst. I really do need to stop making those dumb promises when we all know that I am just going to blog whenever I feel like.

Today is my 21st birthday! Woo Hoo!

Right now, its like the middle of the day and everyone is at work or doing something and here I am, in my living room with my doggy, so I thought hey, why not blog?

I’m not really doing anything tonight other than just having dinner with my family and my boyfriend and my friend. I really don’t want anything at all. I hate having attention on me and right now I feel like I have already had my fill.

Earlier today I went to lunch at Funkin Waffles which was really delicious. They had little baby wine drinks so I got a Riesling to drink, which was my first legal drink. It was pretty good. It is so cute in there, I wish I had thought to take pictures in there.

This weekend I plan on really celebrating! I am going to a comedy show (21 and over) to see Mike Epps and maybe even going to a bar for the first time! Hopefully some other fun things too! I haven’t heard of Mike Epps until my uncle got tickets for us can’t wait though, I’m sure it will be so much fun, especially because I just love stand up in general.


14 thoughts on “Happy 21st Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday, Tori! Twenty-one is fun…enjoy your birthday and the celebrations while they last! (seriously, before you have to start buying all your drinks with your own money…it gets spendy 😉 )

    • Thank you so much! I’m really excited about turning 21 and finally being legal! Showing my ID made me way too happy today. I’m sure this weekend will be much better too! 😀

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