Tie Dying!

Hi Guys!

Last week my lovely friend and I did some Tie Dying! Which was so much fun, it is such a fun thing to do. It is one of my favorite activities, especially for the summer. I have done it a few other times before but I think this time my shirts came the best this time!

20150618_130512I just got one of those kits that they sell at craft stores or Wal-Mart or pretty much anywhere else. It came with red, blue and yellow so you can use your art skills and make blend them together, if you do so choose. And then we each had two white cotton shirts each.

Apparently, according to the box you’re able to make 9 projects. Pshh… ya right! We just barely had enough for us to make two shirts each. Which I mean was fine because that’s all we had but I didn’t like scrounging for dye haha. 20150618_133231

I decided to do two different types this time. For the first time ever, I did the “bullseye” method (top) and then I also did my favorite one that I always do which is the “spiral” method of tying (bottom).

Bullseye:  Lay out the shirt and decide where you want the center of the bullseye to belong. Grab that section of the shirt and pull it up all the way. Tie at least three rubber bands in order to section off the different parts and to help guide where you want the different colors to be.

Spiral:  Lay out the shirt (again) and decide where you want the middle of there the spiral to be. Instead of pulling it up, twist the shirt around and around until it is in a circle and they wrap 3 rubber bands around the shirt so that it looks like a pizza! (yummy)

Once they were all colored, here’s what they looked like:


The two on the right is what my friend ended up doing! She got really creative and attempted to do a smiley face, which actually came out pretty cute, and then she also did a spiral one too!  You can tell on my bullseye one where I started to run out of dye but it’s okay because it ended up looking pretty okay anyways!

The absolute worst part of this process is is having to wait at least 8 hours (or to be like me and wait until the next morning) before opening them up to see what they look like and rinsing them out and washing.

The best part about the process is having pretty stained hands. Oh, and having awesome unique shirts that only you can have!

I only took an actual picture of the spiral one when it was finished and ready to wear, I snap chatted the other one, but totally forgot about taking a picture for you guys. Sorry, I suck!


I thought it came out pretty awesome, I love the colors, especially the green and the way that the colors all blended together!


2 thoughts on “Tie Dying!

  1. […] So the first thing you do is to fold the shirt the way you want in order to get the desired effect. For this one I used the scrunch method. If you want to go for something else I talked about how to do the “bullseye” and the “spiral” here. […]

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