Weekend Coffee Share #2 – Love and Alcohol

Good morning!

This morning I am drinking my coffee out of my super cool Supernatural Mug. Last weekend and the weekend before that, I wanted to do this post too, but I thought it would have been dumb if I wasn’t drinking coffee at the time. I don’t know I am probably just weird about stuff like that. But! With coffee in hand, here I am!

So! I came on actual WordPress today for the first time in a few days (I have been using the app on my phone) and I noticed that WordPress is now full of pride! You see that rainbow up there too right? How wonderful. I am so happy that this step is finally being made.

I know that there is a lot of controversy surrounding gay marriage but it is something I have a hard time understanding. I know that the bible is against it, but I really don’t see how it is the worst thing ever. My entire life I have always been so confused why one type of love is celebrated and another was illegal. I have always thought that everyone should be able to love whoever they want. Is that a crime? No one is getting hurt and is you don’t like it don’t be a part of it, but I am happy that everyone is free to do what they please. At the end of the day love is love.

I wasn’t planing on talking about this but I saw the rainbow and just had to say something! (if you’re not from WordPress, and you just managed to get here there is a rainbow across the WordPress nav bar) I really don’t want a silly debate or anything like that.

So anyways, this has been a pretty eventful week, I turned 21 on Tuesday and it had been the first birthday where I have actually felt different. I feel like more of an adult now and more mature. It is actually pretty cool. I have really enjoyed being able to order drinks at restaurants and getting ID-ed when I purchase alcohol. It has been cool because most people who ID me notice that it was recently my birthday and say happy birthday and are super cool.

Although I haven’t been drunk or anything I have been enjoying trying a bunch of new fun drinks! It is like a whole new door has opened up in my life and it has been pretty exciting.  I have a few friends who love drinking all the time, like, they are the type of people who drink to get drunk. I on the other hand, am very different from that. I like to drink to enjoy the beverage. My favorite things to drink so are are fruity drinks and wine. I like to sip on them because it is yummy delicious.

I guess that’s about it!

Also, I have a pile of future DIY projects to do in my room that will be turning into posts very soon! Plus, if there is anything else you might want to see, let me know down below!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #2 – Love and Alcohol

  1. Happy Birthday!! ❤ I also enjoy a drink now and then, but keep myself to a two-drink maximum so I don't overdo it. May you have a beautiful year, and many blissfully happy returns.

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