Shatter Me Series Review

I finally finished! I feel like this has taken me far too long to finish. I finished the three books in this series. Shatter Me, Destroy Me, and then Ignite Me. There were also novellas that were in the series that were told in the point of view of other characters but I have yet to read those and don’t think I will, at least not right now.

Bare with me as I struggle to tell you guys what this is all about while trying my hardest not to spoil anything for you. My hope at the end of the day is they you would consider reading this series so I don’t want to give you any juicy information.

This series is about a girl named Juliette who has a lethal touch. Anyone who she touches dies. Because of this curse, she is forced to live in isolation and has spent the majority of her life believing that she is a monster, throughout the three books she grows and learns to harness her ability all the while starting a war, fighting and changing the world. Also a love triangle in there to keep things interesting too, obviously.

Read the actual plot summary here, that Tarereh Mafi wrote.

This is a dystopian series, but nothing like the other ones that I have read before. When I read The Testing early this year, I thought that it was just like Divergent, but nope, not this series. I thought that Shatter Me was so original. I don’t think I could compare it to something else. Obviously, there are some similarities that make it fit into this genre, but nothing that makes it comparable. There is a dysfunctional government, the quality Earth is basically nonexistent, literature is being abolished and so is art and music. The setting and their culture and way of life is actually quite interesting.

We see a lot of character development in this series, you guys probably know by now how much I love character development in a book. I love more than anything watching characters grow into themselves. I like getting attached to them and going on their journey along with them.  Mainly with Juliette and Warner and some others, but not so much with Adam. Adam was not one of my favorites. Sorry Adam.

Tarehereh Mafi’s writing is absolutely beautiful! She writes in prose and there are a lot of metaphors and it is like nothing else that I have ever read. I think that is what made me want to keep reading for a lot of it. It was so well written and I feel like the words actually make you feel something. The actual writing of these books were so refreshing to read because it was different than anything else I read and it was just so beautiful.

Overall, I really liked it a lot. I feel like I shouldn’t have taken so long reading it though, but that’s how I am. I either read a book non stop for two days of I spread it out over like four months. There is no in between.

Here’s some good news that I am quite excited about: Shatter Me was optioned for a TV show! It is so exciting and I will totally watch this if it also comes out I cannot wait for this to happen. Even better, watch this girl’s reaction video who I found on youtube. Her reaction makes me want to cry happy tears just for her. Her reaction pretty much made my day!


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