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Hi guys!

Today I thought that I would share with you some of my favorite apps. Of corse apps, like the rest of technology is ever changing and they come and go (or maybe that’s just on my phone) but these are the ones that have stuck for a while and that I really enjoy a lot. I also decided to show you guys some that may be off the beaten path a little bit, meaning you’re not about to be learning about Facebook and twitter on this list. Hopefully at the end of the day you will like at least one of these and end up downloading it for yourself!

Here are some of my favorites:



Many people know about this app and I know that it is not uncommon, I’m actually not really sure how uncommon each of these are but that’s okay. I have loved this app/website for a very long time now.

Basically you make a profile and fill out topics that interest you (if you want) and then you can stumble around the internet. By “Stumbling” you get to visit a random website each time you press the button. I think that it is so cool and some of the places you end up are just so awesome and you can potentially learn a lot or just waste a lot of time.

Either way, I love it. It is also great because you can connect it to your blog and it can generate a lot of traffic! (I haven’t done that but I believe you have to pay for the service, maybe someday I’ll try who knows)

Plague Inc.

This game is so much fun! The object of the game is to kill everyone in the world by mutating a virus (or whatever other type of disease) getting everyone infected and killing them off. It is oddly addicting and satisfying to be able to play god. I think that the game is so interesting. It is a lot more thought out that you would think. You control where it starts, how it transmits and what the symptoms are. This game takes a lot of strategy and it a lot of fun to play. Did I mention that it is so addicting?

Authentic Weather

This is pretty much the most honest weather app ever. It is SO sassy haha it makes me day every time I go look at it.

In case you were wondering, the weather today where I life is:

I’m on a fucking boat. It’s hot! Take off your shirt, keep on your pants!

Click here for more examples, better yet, just go download it yourself!


All throughout high school and for a semester in college I was super into pottery. I loved throwing on the wheel. I still love it but now I am lacking the resources and desperately miss pottery. I recently found this app and it made me so happy. You get to go through the entire process of throwing, firing, glazing and then selling your art (virtually for game coins and such) and it is so fun.  This made me nostalgic because this is something that I really love to do and miss doing a lot, it is so relaxing and not too far off from actually doing it. Well, hopefully you know what I mean, there are similar aspects but no where as easy to actually do. Anyways, give it a try.

Quiz Up

This game is really fun and addicting also. I don’t know how popular this game got, but I know that a lot of people play on Facebook. This game you can play against your friends or random people on the internet and answer questions about literally any topic ever. There are 7 questions and it is timed and the one with the most points at the end wins! I like this game because I like winning and want to prove that I am smart to strangers because I am just that cool. It is just so addicting because when you get a question wrong you need redemption!

Okay, so those are 5 of my current favorite apps! I hope you guys liked this different sort of a post and enjoyed it and it would be so cool if I opened a door for you at the app store! If this post turns out pretty well I can totally do more of these, since it was so fun to do.

❤ Tori


4 thoughts on “Current Favorite Apps

  1. I left a comment but I don’t think it went through because I had trouble logging into my WP account. I don’t use WP. I apologize if this ends up being a duplicate comment. I love when bloggers post their favorite apps because it saves me so much time and I always discover a new favorite app. I vowed to never download another game app. I finally kicked my Words with Friends addiction when my kids introduced me to another game app called “aa”. I got to level 49 and then I was stuck for weeks trying to make it to level 50. I finally deleted the app, it was taking up too much of my time.

    My favorite app right now is Story Skeleton. It’s sort of like index cards and it is perfect for working on my novel when I don’t have enough time to pull out a notebook or get on my laptop.

    Thanks for sharing. I have to stay away from Quiz Up. My kids have it and it looks very fun and distracting. I am eager to check out the pottery app.

    Melissa Sugar

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