Love Hate


Hey there!

So, I kind of just felt like doing this tag and maybe you guys will get to know me a little better! Plus I thought it would be fun to do, so there’s that too. Here I will share with you ten things I love and ten things I hate!


  1. Ice cream – particularly of the chocolate nature
  2. Lacy – AKA my Macbook, I wouldn’t know what to do without her!
  3. Mascara – I rarely leave the house without it, our love has only grown with time.
  4. Coffee, for obvious reasons
  5. Toms – basically my go to shoes, I have too many boots, flip flops and of coarse the originals, yet I still want more. Best brand shoes I have worn
  6. Visiting new places – there is something about being in a new environment that is just so exciting to me
  7. Christmas time – I know that it is only July but there is something about that time of year that is just so magical and I love it so much.
  8. Floral – I feel like this is a weird one, but I love floral patterns, like for anything, phone cases, clothing, accessories, wallpapers I’m drawn to the pattern for some reason.
  9. Netflix – how could I have almost forgotten Netflix?
  10. Animals – I love all of them so much but especially Pandas and Elephants, they are such beautiful creatures!


  1. Olives – If I were stuck in a room and the only way to get out would be to eat al olive, I would be stuck forever.
  2. When people brag – Who are you trying to impress? I try my best not to, because I don’t want people to feel bad about themselves.
  3. Being cold – I hate the cold and living in a place with horrid winters, it is not fun at all.
  4. Seeing people in distress – like when people are hurt or really sick and need help, I am not the person, I can’t handle it, which is why I can never work in the medical field.
  5. Being sticky – You know that feeling when syrup or other various substances are on your hands, gross
  6. Migraines – I get those a little more than a person should and they are the absolute worst.
  7. Worrying all the time – I hate being anxious but it is something that I literally cannot help in my brain and I feel like it is something a lot of people don’t quite understand.
  8. Demanding people – a little manners go a long and and doesn’t hurt to be kind. Working in customer service, I deal with this a lot and after a while it is exhausting.
  9. Driving – It is something that I do now, because life, but ever day I am still so anxious about driving and something bad possibly happening.
  10. Storms – I’m not really afraid of them, but I really hate them especially the wind and lightning. Nahhh..

Wow, that was a lot harder than I expected for some reason. I realized that my hate things are more feelings and things that happen in life where the things I put for love are more material things. I didn’t do that on purpose, I literally wrote whatever came to my mind.

If you want to see a more “deeper” version of the things I love, read my 15 Favorite Feelings post. That one is actually one of my favorite posts that I have recently done. I wanted to be sure that I didn’t replicate and of the ones over there.

This was really fun, so if you’re interested go ahead and give it a try!

❤ Tori


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