Browser Problems

So, I think I might need some help, or at least maybe some thoughts because I am just getting really fed up and I don’t even really feel as safe on the internet as I used to.

On my laptop, or anywhere really, my go to browser is Chrome. Chrome has pretty much just been my cup of tea for quite some time now and it is what I always use, but the last week or so I have been experiencing a bunch or problems with it.

Like there is this constant pop up thing that always comes up when I click on links, like if I’m on wordpress and I click on someone’s post to read, there will be another tab with a red screen saying my computer is infected and all of these pop ups that I have to close. At first I was freaking out because nothing can happen to my precious Lacy (my computer) and I was convinced that Lacy was going to die and was going to crash and burn.

I’m pretty sure that it is just adware because sometimes when it isn’t that other this sometimes it will randomly open up a new tab to the wix website. Which I don’t think I have ever legitimately been to.

I am just super annoyed, I thought Chrome and I were friends, apparently not.

I deleted Chrome and then downloaded a new one and went through the settings to make sure it was all good. I even went and got an add on to block pop ups but now it is just being super slow, like I am typing faster than the letters on the screen. Booo.

Also you know how most of the  time when you’re on a website and you want you information to be secure, so to be sure that that is the case you look at the address bar to make sure it says ‘https’? Sometimes there is just a red ‘X’ instead and that is pretty unsettling.

I’m not really sure what else to do other than just not to use Chrome anymore. Firefox is my backup browser of choice, and the Safari.

Also, I can’t log into wordpress using Firefox, I don’t know why, I have tried it a bunch of times, like I do my password correctly but then it just brings me back to the home page, like it is in a loop or something and that it just also annoying.

I am just having an awfully annoying computer day. So much for trying to be relatively productive.

If you have any sort of help you can offer, please do! Hopefully I didn’t sound too dumb in this post, I promise I actually usually know what I’m talking about when it comes to computers and software.

❤ Tori


8 thoughts on “Browser Problems

  1. You might want to try one of those mallware removers like mallwarebytes if you haven’t already and maybe one of those lists to block the bazillion spam sites?

  2. Few pieces of advice from me, who is the queen of viruses, and my dad works in IT and has given me this advice several times.
    1. Update any anti-virus software you have AVG is what I use and the basic package is free. When you get it, just make sure you get it from the AVG site and not someone who pays to be higher up in the Google searches. Sometimes people who hatch viruses pay so their fake software that will infect your computer comes up higher on Google searches so you instal the wrong one that’s actually a virus.
    2. Make sure you get Google Chrome from Google, the first three times I tried to download it and it turned out it was google.(something that wasn’t com).

    I hope this helps. Stuff like this happens to me all the time. If you haven’t yet, restart your laptop. Sorry you’re having issues!

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