Date Night By the Lake

The best kinds of nights are the ones that are not particularly planned. Those are the ones where the most fun is had, the ones where you get to explore new things and go somewhere you haven’t gone before. Joey and I had one of those nights the other day and I thought I’d share some of it with you! Especially since I actually took a few good photos.

We took a little mini road trip, up to Oswego and explored their little downtown area they have. All of the buildings and shops they are all around are so precious. I love that kind of atmosphere. Talking about it now makes me wish that I took more pictures than I did.

We went to this really cool restaurant for dinner. Their food was delicious but their drink menu was even better! If you can see in the picture, they have drinks for each of the 7 deadly sins, I thought that was so cool. I got the “sloth” which is the martini looking thing on the right and Joey got the Molotov Cocktail. They were both so good! After we finished those drinks we both wanted to try some of “Creepy Uncle Eddie’s Iced Tea”, like I said the menu was pretty cool and funny.


After dinner we walked around the city a bit. I saw this building and thought it looked pretty cool and wanted to take a picture of it. I just liked the colors of it and how it looked so old. Right after I finished with the picture, we saw a sign right to the left of the building telling us about how that building was part of the underground railroad. So that’s a pretty fun fact!


We kept walking around and exploring, I took this photo on a bridge, I really loved the colors on the sky in this one.


Here’s another one I took when the sunset was even brighter.  This one was from another bridge that was a few blocks further away than the one above. That bridge that you can see in this picture, was the one that we were standing on in the one above.


After  we explored, we headed toward their cinema and watched Paper Towns! I was so excited for the movie but Joey basically knew nothing about it. Turns out he loved the movie as much as I loved the book, which I was quite pleased with. It turned out to be such a great night!


3 thoughts on “Date Night By the Lake

  1. I love this post!! That sounds like such a lovely night! All your pictures are beautiful! I want to see Paper Towns so bad! I am reading the book right now and now I’m even more excited to know the ending! lol ❤

    • Hi! Thanks for reading 🙂 the book was so good! The ending is different from what you’d expect but I thought it was fitting with the book and John Green’s writing

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