DIY: Bleach Dyeing!


Today’s post is a DIY post and something that I have been wanting to to for awhile. I saw these types of projects on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try. Today was the day I finally did the thing!

Here are the things you are going to need:

  • Bleach
  • Black or dark colored T-shirt
  • rubber bands
  • bowl
  • smaller bowl or cup (for pouring on the bleach)

*Before I go on and tell you what to do, I really really recommend doing this outside!

So the first thing you do is to fold the shirt the way you want in order to get the desired effect. For this one I used the scrunch method. If you want to go for something else I talked about how to do the “bullseye” and the “spiral” here.


I stared at the bottom and scrunched the fabric together. Once I did it to the entire shirt, I secured it with two rubber bands just to be sure it doesn’t go anywhere. You don’t really have to do that part but I just like to.

I used a the large bowl in order to try to keep the bleach contained and not get it everywhere. I put the tied up t shirt in there.

With the smaller bowl ( I used a small ceramic bowl, but you can use a cup) pour some bleach in and then just sort of drizzle the bleach wherever you want it on the shirt.

Once there is enough on the front, flip it over and do it again to the back!

I liked using the little bowl first, to prevent me from accidentally dumping the entire jug of bleach onto the shirt and ruining it because that is totally something I would do!


This is really cool because you can literally see it changing colors right there!

While this is really cool it also means you have to work quickly. It can go from black to orange to white pretty fast so once you see the colors you like, then start washing it out!

Wash it out in the sink, or even the hose until the water is clear when you ring it out. It can take a few minutes.

After that, I laid the shirt out to dry in the sun, here is what the final product looks like.


Once it is dry. Wash it alone with warm water (I’m not 100% sure but that’s what I did and it came out okay) with a little bit of detergent.

That’s it! Hope you guys liked this post and of course let me know if it is something you want to do too because I am always interested in how it comes out!

❤ Tori


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