My taste buds are changing!

I can still remember a time when I was younger when I absolutely hated the taste of coffee. I would beg the adults around me to try it and once they finally gave in and let me have a taste, I hated it. How strange is that?

You and I both know that coffee is an essential part of daily life in order to be a productive human being.

I started drinking coffee when I was about 16 years old. not as much as I do now, but that is around the time where I actually began to like the taste. Now I enjoy the taste. I genuinely think that the taste of coffee is so delicious!

This was one of the first times I actually noticed it happening. Where I hated something and then loved it so much as I aged.

More recently, I have noticed these changes happening more and more. Within the past few months I decided that I can no longer stand peanut butter. I used to love eating peanut butter so much, like I was that kid that ate peanut butter with a spoon out of the jar. Now I hate it.

I can no longer stand the taste of peanut butter.

I hate the way it makes my throat feel.

I can’t even stand the smell of it any longer.

Also, this has happened to me with chocolate, only different. I still like chocolate so much, but it is so sweet to me now, that having too much hurts my teeth. I have also became partial to dark chocolate. I now LOVE dark chocolate. The darker the better. I find it so funny and weird that I am now veering away from milk chocolate and running toward the dark side. hehe.

I found this so interesting and thought that it was worth talking about (hopefully you think so too), so much so that I looked into it a little bit and found this really interesting article here. Give it a read because I thought that it was interesting.

This entire article was informative and I learned a lot from it but I particularly enjoyed the part where it explained why kids don’t like bitter food and many have a “sweet tooth” and how that changes as they get older. Which is basically what has been happening to me.

Sweet foods are interpreted by the brain as good foods to want to eat because they are high in sugar, thus having more energy which is why kids are gravitated towards sweets. Whereas the brain sees bitter food as a toxin, so when kids eat something bitter they tend to not want to eat it. That is so cool, because that is the body’s way of protecting itself until you grow up and learn what is safe to eat and what isn’t.

This makes so much sense if you really think about it! I think that is so cool. Now it makes sense when kids don’t want to eat their vegetables and would much prefer fruits or something sweeter. It also makes sense why they change over time now too!

Mystery solved!

Have you noticed and changes in your taste buds that seemed strange? Something new you began to like but didn’t before, or something you loved but now hate?


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