Hello There!

Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Sip your coffee and enjoy.


I have a horrible case of wanderlust and have a need to see the world and go on adventures whether big or small whatever is good enough for me!

I have recently came to love photography and plan on sharing pictures with you guys. I am still quite the amateur but it is something that I like to do a lot. I also quite like writing, so what better outlet than blogging?

I would probably consider myself a lifestyle/personal blogger because I will pretty much be talking about whatever is on my mind, which will probably allow you guys to get to know me pretty well. Although I post a lot about my ramblings and daily life sort of things, I also love to write about books, DIY and beauty, too!

I am currently in my last semester studying Computer Information Systems and in that weird transition phase going into “adulthood”.

Follow me on my journey, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Follow me around the internet! I dare you! 😉

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22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tori, thanks for stopping by my blog. I absolutely adore yours!! I have a bachelors and a masters degree under my belt and loads of work experience, and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life – that’s what makes people like us interesting, or at least that’s how I like to justify my lack of direction! Looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

  2. Hi I’ve noticed you’ve liked my posts for a while, and I’ve been trying to follow you for a while now and today was the first day it finally let me! I can see your posts now! Great blog, thanks for checking mine out!

  3. Hi Tori,
    I know Ralph and AbysBrain! Cool we travel in the same circles. Thank you so much for visiting my site today. I am glad you liked my Weekly Roundup post for this week.
    I read your bio Like you, I love coffee and photography. It’s my resolution for the coming year to improve my photography for the purpose of improving my Pinterest pins.
    Nice to meet you.

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