Wine Tour!

HI friends!

I had quite an exciting weekend. This weekend I went with all of my friends on a wine tour for the first time! I had so much fun and tried so many different kinds of wines and it felt like I expanded my horizons as far as the types of wine that I like! Plus, I really missed my friends a lot and we all had such a great day together! I took some pretty cool pictures throughout the day and thought that I would share them here!

I learned that wine country is a beautiful and delicious place! I took pictures of most, but not all of the wineries and also of the pretty scenery!

Since this was my first time doing this sort of thing it made it so much more fun since I had no clue what I was in store for. It was also the first time for my friends too, so we were all taking it all in together which was so cool! We were celebrating my friend’s birthday since she was the last one in the group to turn 21!

Her mom planned the whole thing and she did a wonderful job, we rented one of those giant airport vans to drive around in and brought tons of food and drinks to have in the van while we drove all over to about six different wineries.

One thing that I would say is that you have to be careful drinking so much so early in the day because it tends to wipe you out! What I did was drink tons of water in the van between stops in order to stay hydrated. Also, keep snacking and eating! Drinking on an empty stomach is not a good idea. You just have to remember to take care of yourself so that you don’t regret it later!

It was so much fun, I cannot wait to do another one.

❤ Tori


Date Night By the Lake

The best kinds of nights are the ones that are not particularly planned. Those are the ones where the most fun is had, the ones where you get to explore new things and go somewhere you haven’t gone before. Joey and I had one of those nights the other day and I thought I’d share some of it with you! Especially since I actually took a few good photos.

We took a little mini road trip, up to Oswego and explored their little downtown area they have. All of the buildings and shops they are all around are so precious. I love that kind of atmosphere. Talking about it now makes me wish that I took more pictures than I did.

We went to this really cool restaurant for dinner. Their food was delicious but their drink menu was even better! If you can see in the picture, they have drinks for each of the 7 deadly sins, I thought that was so cool. I got the “sloth” which is the martini looking thing on the right and Joey got the Molotov Cocktail. They were both so good! After we finished those drinks we both wanted to try some of “Creepy Uncle Eddie’s Iced Tea”, like I said the menu was pretty cool and funny.


After dinner we walked around the city a bit. I saw this building and thought it looked pretty cool and wanted to take a picture of it. I just liked the colors of it and how it looked so old. Right after I finished with the picture, we saw a sign right to the left of the building telling us about how that building was part of the underground railroad. So that’s a pretty fun fact!


We kept walking around and exploring, I took this photo on a bridge, I really loved the colors on the sky in this one.


Here’s another one I took when the sunset was even brighter.  This one was from another bridge that was a few blocks further away than the one above. That bridge that you can see in this picture, was the one that we were standing on in the one above.


After  we explored, we headed toward their cinema and watched Paper Towns! I was so excited for the movie but Joey basically knew nothing about it. Turns out he loved the movie as much as I loved the book, which I was quite pleased with. It turned out to be such a great night!

Photo an Hour


Hi guys! So I got this idea from a few blogs that I saw on twitter and I thought it would be a fun challenge to do this! I really like this because I am the type of person who is super nosy and loves seeing what people do so I wanted to do it too, and return the favor so it speak.

So the idea of this post is that you try to take a picture every hour from the time you wake up until bedtime! Hopefully my day was interesting enough. I woke up not knowing what I was going to do without any plans in mind, it was my day off so I basically wanted to enjoy it!

Take a peek into my daily life!



Just waking up. Snuggling in bed with my doggy and reading blogs on my phone.



Got some breakfast, yogurt and a granola bar and catching up on Monday’s episode of The Whispers. I really like this show a lot, one of the best shows currently on TV. If you’re looking for something to watch, I highly recommend it!



Up and headed to the gym! My favorite thing to do at the gym is the elliptical. Some people say they don’t like it or it isn’t as healthy or whatever, but I like it and find it works for me.

12 (thirty) pm


Home and showered! Threw on some comfy clothes for the time being.



Watching youtube videos and surfing the internet. I took that picture when I was watching a behind the scenes video for Paper Towns, which I am so excited for. It was actually one of my favorite books ever so I am stoked to see the movie!



Reading on my kindle. I ended up getting a new books and picking from my TBR Jar! It was actually pretty exciting, AND I actually stuck with the first one I chose instead of putting it back and hoping for another! I picked “These Broken Stars” by Megan Spooner. So far so good but I am still sort of iffy on the setting. I plan on doing a review when I finish if you’re interested!



Brought Sophie on a walk around the neighborhood and then we played in the yard for a bit. She loves being outside so days like this I have to have some outside time with her!



Putting myself together to go out. My friends and I decided to go out to dinner!



Have a massive headache (I get them a lot). Resting my eyes and hoping for relief before I leave. Also, watching random TV. That was wife swap, I couldn’t find a time when there wasn’t an awkward frame, so I just went for it.



With my friends now. Stopped at a nail salon because my friend’s grandma was there and she wanted a ride to the casino. Excuse my nasty selfie, but I felt weird about it since there were people all over.


I am the worst person ever, because when I was editing pictures, I accidentally deleted this picture because I loose.

It was a picture of the garden in front of the casino. It was really cute with a bunch on animal sculptures.



Since we had to go to the casino anyways, we decided to eat there too. We went to this super awesome buffet. They had so much good food!



Look at the desserts we got! So yummy! We have been in buffet for a while now, but we also took our time eating and talked quite a bit too and caught up with each other.



Oh look! The machine that I lost $20 on! Cool!

I actually sat there for almost an hour with that money and had fun playing, so the way I look at it, it was kind of worth it. Even though I hate losing money.


I literally went to bed right when I got home because I was super tired and had to work in the morning and totally forgot about taking a picture. Sorry!

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed my day. Just as a reference I lived this actual day on July 21st and posted a couple days later. If you enjoyed this type of post and let me know, I’ll totally do more because it was fun to do. Also if this somehow inspired you, like how I was inspired, also let me know because I will totally read about you day too!

❤ Tori

Swinging through Life

Nablopomo Day 13.

Ewww. It’s snowing outside!

The other day was so abnormally beautiful and now its snowing. Which is probably why I was just stricken with a cold. Probably like a half hour ago I just spontaneously had a sneezing attack and my nose has been stuffed ever since. So, like that’s pretty cool. My sinuses cannot handle when the weather changes drastically like this at all.

Let’s rewind to like three days ago. (Monday) It was an uncharacteristically beautiful day for this time of year in central New York. 70 degrees and sunny. After school my two friends and I decided to walk along the Erie Canal.


We walked for about a mile and then we crossed a bridge to the other side of the canal and THERE WERE SWINGS. Even better, there were three of them, perfect! We each claimed one.



It was so much fun. The three of us were laughing and swinging so high as we were channeling our inner eight year old selves. It has probably been a good 10 years since I have swung like that. Swinging was the thing that I would do during recess in elementary school I would  run to the swings and go at it the entire time.  These swings were awesome because they were really tall so that my feet couldn’t even touch the ground. If you are like me and hadn’t done much hardcore swinging since your childhood, it is a lot of work. I forgot how much effort it takes to pump your legs to get up really high.

Moral of the story is that as you grow up, you forget to enjoy the little things in life. For me in my childhood swinging was one of them.

Never forget about your inner child. No matter how busy you get or how much work there is to do or how much “adult things” need to get done, never forget about your inner child. They are the ones who give you a sense of fun, creativity and adventure in life!