My taste buds are changing!

I can still remember a time when I was younger when I absolutely hated the taste of coffee. I would beg the adults around me to try it and once they finally gave in and let me have a taste, I hated it. How strange is that?

You and I both know that coffee is an essential part of daily life in order to be a productive human being.

I started drinking coffee when I was about 16 years old. not as much as I do now, but that is around the time where I actually began to like the taste. Now I enjoy the taste. I genuinely think that the taste of coffee is so delicious!

This was one of the first times I actually noticed it happening. Where I hated something and then loved it so much as I aged.

More recently, I have noticed these changes happening more and more. Within the past few months I decided that I can no longer stand peanut butter. I used to love eating peanut butter so much, like I was that kid that ate peanut butter with a spoon out of the jar. Now I hate it.

I can no longer stand the taste of peanut butter.

I hate the way it makes my throat feel.

I can’t even stand the smell of it any longer.

Also, this has happened to me with chocolate, only different. I still like chocolate so much, but it is so sweet to me now, that having too much hurts my teeth. I have also became partial to dark chocolate. I now LOVE dark chocolate. The darker the better. I find it so funny and weird that I am now veering away from milk chocolate and running toward the dark side. hehe.

I found this so interesting and thought that it was worth talking about (hopefully you think so too), so much so that I looked into it a little bit and found this really interesting article here. Give it a read because I thought that it was interesting.

This entire article was informative and I learned a lot from it but I particularly enjoyed the part where it explained why kids don’t like bitter food and many have a “sweet tooth” and how that changes as they get older. Which is basically what has been happening to me.

Sweet foods are interpreted by the brain as good foods to want to eat because they are high in sugar, thus having more energy which is why kids are gravitated towards sweets. Whereas the brain sees bitter food as a toxin, so when kids eat something bitter they tend to not want to eat it. That is so cool, because that is the body’s way of protecting itself until you grow up and learn what is safe to eat and what isn’t.

This makes so much sense if you really think about it! I think that is so cool. Now it makes sense when kids don’t want to eat their vegetables and would much prefer fruits or something sweeter. It also makes sense why they change over time now too!

Mystery solved!

Have you noticed and changes in your taste buds that seemed strange? Something new you began to like but didn’t before, or something you loved but now hate?


I’m a Worrier.

I broke down yesterday.  The whole day was really rough but I knew it was coming for a while now. So much of it has been building up for some time. Months and months of worries and stress and anxiety and life and then it finally happened. In the purest Dane Cook form and it probably went on longer than it should have but I literally could not help it.

I blame anxiety. I hate being anxious and I hate the way it makes me think and feel all the time. The worst part is that I just can’t help it, that’s just how I am. I want to stop worrying when people tell me to “Just relax” or “Everything is going to be fine” or “What could you possibly be worrying about now?”. I want to stop so bad because I know it’s not rational, but I just can’t help it.

What better thing to talk about today than my worries?

  1. Because I think it might be cathartic for me to talk about.
  2. Maybe you guys might relate? Maybe? That, or I’m just a crazy person.


  1. What I am going to do with my life – Sure, I have somewhat of a path in mind but I literally can’t see where I will be a year from now and that scares the hell out of me. I have a degree and I want to continue on, but where? What degree next? What are my goals? Will I even get in? All questions I do not have answers to.  I have never been one of those people who has always know what they want to do, and that’s okay.  But I still think and worry about it on a daily basis.
  2. Money – I feel like I shouldn’t but I do. I hate adulting. Sometimes I feel like my part time job just isn’t enough. On weeks where a bill is due, I can hardly even think about buying anything. It stresses me out man!
  3. Being a burden – I genuinely believe I am a burden to the people around me. It is so hard for me to believe that I am worth other people’s time. That sounds so terrible but it feels true. It is to the point that a lot of the time I hardly even message my friends first because I feel like I am bothering them, but then I don’t hear from them in months. What does that even mean? Are we even friends? I don’t know. I’m sure that they just get busy and that is a part of life and it’s not personal, but that’s the way I think you know?
  4. Being forgotten about – This goes along with the previous one, I worry that my friends will forget about me and move on, I worry I am holding my boyfriend back and he will move on without me. I know it’s not true but something I worry about so much. Also, this goes to a much grander scale. What if something happens and I die? The people in my life will mourn and then years in the future, that’s it. Just someone’s memory. It is important to me to do something worth remembering in life, and I worry whether I’ll be able to do so.
  5. The people around me – I care about other people more than myself most of the time. I care about how they are feeling and if they are okay or not. I am really super empathetic and that might take a toll on me, secretly deep down inside, where no one can see. And I know it’s bad but I do care what people think about me too.

We all have good days and bad, yesterday was bad and today is better. Maybe tomorrow will be great.

I could keep going on and on and but I edited the picture to say 5, so I should stick to that. If you can relate, then that’s great! Let me know in the comments below so we can support each other. 🙂 Also, if you have something to add, you know where to go!

Photo an Hour


Hi guys! So I got this idea from a few blogs that I saw on twitter and I thought it would be a fun challenge to do this! I really like this because I am the type of person who is super nosy and loves seeing what people do so I wanted to do it too, and return the favor so it speak.

So the idea of this post is that you try to take a picture every hour from the time you wake up until bedtime! Hopefully my day was interesting enough. I woke up not knowing what I was going to do without any plans in mind, it was my day off so I basically wanted to enjoy it!

Take a peek into my daily life!



Just waking up. Snuggling in bed with my doggy and reading blogs on my phone.



Got some breakfast, yogurt and a granola bar and catching up on Monday’s episode of The Whispers. I really like this show a lot, one of the best shows currently on TV. If you’re looking for something to watch, I highly recommend it!



Up and headed to the gym! My favorite thing to do at the gym is the elliptical. Some people say they don’t like it or it isn’t as healthy or whatever, but I like it and find it works for me.

12 (thirty) pm


Home and showered! Threw on some comfy clothes for the time being.



Watching youtube videos and surfing the internet. I took that picture when I was watching a behind the scenes video for Paper Towns, which I am so excited for. It was actually one of my favorite books ever so I am stoked to see the movie!



Reading on my kindle. I ended up getting a new books and picking from my TBR Jar! It was actually pretty exciting, AND I actually stuck with the first one I chose instead of putting it back and hoping for another! I picked “These Broken Stars” by Megan Spooner. So far so good but I am still sort of iffy on the setting. I plan on doing a review when I finish if you’re interested!



Brought Sophie on a walk around the neighborhood and then we played in the yard for a bit. She loves being outside so days like this I have to have some outside time with her!



Putting myself together to go out. My friends and I decided to go out to dinner!



Have a massive headache (I get them a lot). Resting my eyes and hoping for relief before I leave. Also, watching random TV. That was wife swap, I couldn’t find a time when there wasn’t an awkward frame, so I just went for it.



With my friends now. Stopped at a nail salon because my friend’s grandma was there and she wanted a ride to the casino. Excuse my nasty selfie, but I felt weird about it since there were people all over.


I am the worst person ever, because when I was editing pictures, I accidentally deleted this picture because I loose.

It was a picture of the garden in front of the casino. It was really cute with a bunch on animal sculptures.



Since we had to go to the casino anyways, we decided to eat there too. We went to this super awesome buffet. They had so much good food!



Look at the desserts we got! So yummy! We have been in buffet for a while now, but we also took our time eating and talked quite a bit too and caught up with each other.



Oh look! The machine that I lost $20 on! Cool!

I actually sat there for almost an hour with that money and had fun playing, so the way I look at it, it was kind of worth it. Even though I hate losing money.


I literally went to bed right when I got home because I was super tired and had to work in the morning and totally forgot about taking a picture. Sorry!

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed my day. Just as a reference I lived this actual day on July 21st and posted a couple days later. If you enjoyed this type of post and let me know, I’ll totally do more because it was fun to do. Also if this somehow inspired you, like how I was inspired, also let me know because I will totally read about you day too!

❤ Tori

The time I wasn’t feeling it…

Hi guys!

So I thought I’d share a little “Tori Story”, if you will about a little thing that happened that basically makes me the worst person in the world.. or just maybe really awesome, I guess it depends on how you look at it.

So Friday nights are usually date night for my boyfriend and I. This past Friday we were planning to go to dinner at the mall and try a place we haven’t been to before. (Our mall is quite large and has so many new restaurants, it expanded and just opened a few years ago, new places are still popping up still.)

We ended up walking into Texas de Brazil. It was basically the first place we saw that we haven’t been to already. Neither of us had any clue what it was like there or what the atmosphere was like or anything. I had just always assumed that it was just a steakhouse or something.

As soon as we got in there and the hostess was doing her introduction and I knew right then that it was not where I wanted to be. Maybe another day in the future but not that day at all. I just really did not like the vibe in there at all. This restaurant was not traditional at all. We basically go up to a salad bar and then they bring out food to you. The whole time I never fully understood what was going on.

I felt completely uncomfortable this place was so expensive and felt bad that this night was about to turn into a hundred dollar dinner for no good reason. My boyfriend and I were both dressed casually and I felt so out of place.  I had that feeling in my head that it was a place we shouldn’t be.

I still can’t put my finger on it but that day I just really didn’t like the vibe. The way the food was being described to me in the beginning didn’t impress me and wasn’t something that I was about. I didn’t feel like eating that kind of food. That day.

I made it really clear to my boyfriend that I was uncomfortable and it wasn’t about this for dinner and that this may have backfired, especially after I went and got my salad. Joey is so cute because he was trying so hard to get me to be excited about it but I couldn’t. He tried to get me to be excited and adventurous about it but I couldn’t.

I’m the worst.

After the salad bar Joey could tell that there was no cheering me up so he asked for the check and we just left in the middle of dinner. I felt like  it was one of the rudest things I have ever done. I mean I was nice to the waitress and Joey was really awesome about it. I have never left a restaurant like that before.

That place just wasn’t for me that day at all. Oh and another thing that kind of set me off was how the waitress unfolded the napkins and put them on your lap for you. There was something about that that I just really hated. I don’t know if it was how she got too far into my personal space or the fact that I had just sat down and my purse was still on my lap so the napkin just slid off my purse and onto the floor.

Anyways, we ended up leaving the place and you’ll never guess where we went next!

That’s right, we went to Johnny Rockets!

Literally the exact opposite of the other place.

And guess what? We had a grand time. We had milkshakes and burgers and sat at the 50’s style bar and the workers even danced along to the music and the food was yummy and I got much happier.


I am so embarrassed that I am even writing this post. I hate that this is even a thing.

The other day I got into am accident.

There, I said it.

It was probably the worst thing that I have ever done, I was just really stupid and wanted to go home since a thunderstorm was coming and I hate them, and at the end of the day I was just stupid and made a mistake.

As far as accidents go, looking back it was probably the best case scenario. Neither of us were really going that fast and there was minimal damage to my car, theirs was pretty bad, but fixable and everyone was okay. Physically.

Mentally and emotionally I was a wreck. I felt so horrible and stupid. There is basically nothing that you or anyone else could say that isn’t worse than I was already feeling that day. I had a bunch of things that I was planning to do since it was my day off, including a cool DIY post (which I will probably do/post tomorrow or the next day), but when I got home all that went down the drain. I didn’t want to do anything at all, I could hardly even calm myself down.

Luckily, I happened to hit the nicest people in the world. Probably because I could tell how upset I was and probably because they were grandparents, you know, like the hip kind of grandparents that are really cool. They talked about how their son was in a car wreck (he’s okay now) and how lucky we are and that I shouldn’t worry too much about the car because they were planning on getting a new one for winter anyways so they will just get one sooner. The lady asked me about school and told me about her grandson who was graduating. It was actually quite precious.

I am so thankful that they were nice good people because I don’t know what I would have done.

Everything is fine now and now I am basically over it, well not really but life goes on and it was an accident and accidents happen. I just feel so guilty about it still and sort of embarrassed even. Thinking back, I am so lucky though and this is never going to happen again. I’m going to try to learn from this and then try to get my confidence back.

So that’s where I have been, I felt that this should be a post because I haven’t really told anyone other than my family and needed to get it off my chest and also since I haven’t posted in a while you’d like to know where I’m at.